Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What, me worry?

If you're inclined to worry, you could find a few reasons to worry on CommonDreams.org:

First, you could read that the Targeted Killing of Women's Rights Activist Shocks Afghans.

Then, you could read about the possible collapse of Pakistan within six months time, the threat of an Israeli attack on Iran, or the serious risk that President Obama's Wall Street bailout is not only pandering to the rich and greedy, but also likely to fail.

Or, you might find yourself troubled that the US Treasury Department has directed General Motors to prepare a bankruptcy filing.

But apparently, the Mid America CropLife Association (read, lobbying group for agribusiness) thinks that we are facing a more serious threat than all of these. MACA appears to be worried that Michelle Obama's organic White House garden fails to "recognize the role conventional agriculture plays in the US."

I think any further comment from me would be entirely superfluous.

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