Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pooling our resources...

I've just finished my first adventure using craigslist.

Out in my backyard, I had this old-above ground pool that was there when I moved in:

I'm not really much of a swimmer, and I have plenty of other things at my house to repair, renovate, and maintain. Really. My friends told me, "The frame of the pool is the thing that is most expensive and difficult to get. Someone is going to want that." But no one I knew actually did want it, except for one woman who didn't have a back yard big enough to put it in.

"Put it on craigslist,"everyone said. So finally, I did, thinking no one really would be interested. Thinking that if worse came to worst, it wouldn't be that difficult to take it apart and haul it out to the curb for the next Big Trash Day.

Well, it worked! I got more emails than I could possibly answer, inquiring about the pool. I picked one email that seemed to have really good energy, and gave the folks a call. Friday night they came out to take a look at it, and Saturday evening when I got home from work, it was gone.

A nice family is going to have a nice pool, and I have that thing out of my back yard, so I can concentrate on my next project, constructing a French drain to protect the foundation of the house.

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